Lip Enhancement Procedures in St. louis

Cosmetic surgery is gathering popularity. With the improvement in the health field, individuals are finding cosmetic treatments a faster and simpler means to make themselves more attractive by masking up the downside features of their look. Lip enhancement is one such treatment.

Lip Enhancement Surgery

Lip enhancement surgery aims at reviving the appearance. This may also remove the wrinkles on lower and upper lips and may also change the shape with the objective of beautification. It is a minor surgical procedure, and people can retain their regular daily activity very soon just after the surgery. This has given people the freedom to own lip area of the desired shape. There are plenty of methods of lip enhancement surgery. In this post, we will talk about RADIESSE TREATMENT available in St. Louis.


RADIESSE is a method of dermal filler or also known as next-generation cosmetic surgery for treating the wrinkles and deep lines around or in the lip area to boost the beauty of an individual. It aims at wrinkle removal from the region of the nasal and mouth such as marionette lines, smile lines, nasolabial folds, and so on.

Radiesse treatments require injecting of Microsphere suspended in the gel-like substance, and most important and exciting truth is that this doesn’t need an allergic reaction test before starting the treatment. RADIESSE gel mainly includes calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres, which energise the collagen.

The cost of RADIESSE treatment will depend mostly on the medication dosage of the RADIESSE filler directed to the patient. The price of RADIESSE treatment is close to $ 650 to $ 800 per syringe. It all depends on the requirement of the patient. The final results of this treatment are durable. Therefore it demands a lesser number of procedures.

Local anaesthesia is offered while carrying out the therapy. The duration of the treatment solution can vary up to fifteen minutes depending upon the requirement. The doctor initially chooses several points of treatment, and then antiseptic and local anaesthesia is put on. Inside the dermis and sub-cutis layer, the RADIESSE filler is inserted. The results are visible just after a week. The results are long-lasting and may last over 2 yrs.

There can be risks involved with almost all kind of cosmetic surgeries, and RADIESSE treatment is the same. However, when compared with other forms of cosmetic surgical procedures, the danger involved in this case is very marginal. The fear of allergy is taken away from the fact that the filler injections injected in RADIESSE treatment are naturally occurring in the body. The primary risk takes place when the patient consults a practitioner or healthcare provider who is not adequately experienced or not licensed. This treatment can easily be availed in St. Louis.

RADIESSE is a type of treatment wherein the filler used is non-toxic, non-allergic, the biocompatible compound that is usually found in the body. Its very helpful for helping a lot in improving and manifesting the beauty of an individual. Anatomy of a human is one of Almighty s best creation, and the individuals must take care of it.

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