Are You Ready To Be Completely Freed From Everything? by Elysha

Learning to realize and be the immensity of this one that you are – the unobstructed heart; this “you” of the you that you already are; the divine one – is so vastly different to anything that humanity has ever gotten up to from within its religious history. The immediacy of consciously being that which you are and have always been being not something that has ever been available to humans before.

Completely new wine has fountained forth, and it cannot be stored in the manner that we have been accustomed to storing wine; the old wineskins are no longer a valid receptacle; they are no longer capable of storing the quality that this new wine is. The ancient paths of humanity’s spiritual growth – which includes all of the apparent “new” ones that have flourished over the past twenty or so years – which give you the feel of doing something; give you the feeling of working on yourself; give you the feel of going somewhere with your “practices;” give you the feel of attaining the idea of the nothingness that you may intuit in given moments; are all human methods.

These artificial paths allow you to travel safely, surely, and easily from one given place to another. These are mapped out journeys created from man’s intelligence – even as the heart inspires them. This learning to be the immensity of this “you” of you is not a method and nor is it a practice – it is the way of the infinity of the one that you indeed are; it is completely and utterly natural.

It has you free immediately – not in some distant future of a “now” that may arise somewhere on the horizon. The full impact of the totality of the freedom of the divine one immediately comes to fruition in every moment that you leave alone the trying to be of who you think you are and in its stead, you stopping at and as this one that is the truth of who you are – this “you” of you that is already flowing through the eyes of this mind-body that you find yourself rushing through.

Every moment that you are genuinely at rest as this one that is flowing through your eyes you are completely freed from every bit of the bondage of trying to be this mind-body that you are so intimately involved with; you are entirely freed from believing yourself to be this mind-body;

you are wholly freed from the arising mind and its mind informant of this mind-body; you are completely freed from having to perform any gradual movement of progression in the hope of becoming freer; you are no longer bound by any stance whatsoever; you are simply free as the one that is flowing through the very eyes of this mind-body that you find yourself rushing through – the seer; the actual divinity of this “you” that you are.

In every moment of this deep at-rest-meant of the beingness of “you,” not only are you free but you have nowhere to go, and nothing to do even as the dance of life continues to be danced through this mind-body that you would otherwise mistake yourself to be and wind up being imprisoned by.

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